Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Logo Design Guide for the Beginners

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What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this Mc Donald or coca-cola? The human mind can read and remember the graphic image faster than a sentence. It also takes a lot of meaning from one picture. Entrepreneurs have to understand the power of communication without words which requires a professional logo design.

Importance Of Shape And Color
The logo helps to explain the essence of core value, business and a small message without words. It is a tough challenge to create a logo design that uses the right choice of color and shape. Each shape and color brings in a different meaning and perspective.

Underlying Message In Shapes And Colors Understand the subliminal message each shape and color brings into the logo design to create a perfect one. Custom logo design is required for exchanging the right information to the customers.

  • Circle, oval and ellipse are used to explain inclusive or community message. Usually circle and rings show unity or friendship and curves give a feminine slant.
  • Jagged points and straight lines give a masculine slant.
  • Square and triangle show strength and professionalism.
  • Triangles indicate science, law and religion.
  • Horizontal lines indicate tranquility and vertical ones show aggression.
  • Red indicates passion, danger or aggression. Muted shades of red show warmth and stimulate appetite (KFC, Mc Donald).
  • Orange is for innovation and youth.
  • Yellow is the color for warm and friendly.
  • Green is for natural and environmental products.
  • Blue and grey goes for professionalism, success and authority. Most of the finance company uses these colors.
  • Purple fits for royalty, religion and passion.
  • Brown is masculine and pink is feminine.
  • Bold, cursive and heavy typefaces appeal to women and novelty typefaces are good for kid’s products.

It is always better to hire Logo Designers who could provide with a unique and perfect logo design for your company as it is important how the customers perceive the images. A mistake in logo can cause blunder misinterpretation about the business. The above said designs are very basic and help to build a complex professional logo design with deep meaning.

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