Thursday, December 5, 2013

Categorization of PHP Development Specialists

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While planning to hire developers for PHP, one should determine which category of PHP developers, the project needs. To determine that, one should know various types of PHP developers.

Categorization Based On Skills

All projects do not need the same level of expertise. Hiring a very advanced specialist for a small job will increase the cost. Hiring basic level programmers to create a very big site will result in loss of time, money and energy and the project will not be as expected.

a) Beginner level: These programmers have very basic knowledge of PHP development. These programmers work under specialist supervisors. When a small database manipulation or the contact list creation project arises, this type of programmers is the best choice.

b) Mid level: They have good knowledge in the platform and can take up challenging PHP application development. These types of programmers are hired for small website creation projects. Some companies hire these mid level programmers for major projects, to reduce costs.

c) Advance skilled: Advance skilled programmers will help you to generate ideas, suggest commonly used trends and to create complicated sites. These programmers also provide services in SEO and social engagement. Advance skilled programmers are very rare and are chosen by top notch companies. 

Categorization Based On Payment

Hiring a PHP programmer is also based on their payment type. Whichever method of payment is reassuring for the company, they choose such PHP developers.

a) Project based: The payment to these programmers will be on a project basis. The company receives a fixed cost for a PHP development project. No matter how many hours it takes to complete the project, the cost of the project is the same.

b) Dedicated model: Many PHP companies in India follow this process. In this, the programmers charge the client based on the number of hours spent on the project. This type of PHP development specialist is selected, when the exact need of the business is not known and the client is experimenting with each trend or when there is a need for regular maintenance of the site.

There is no worst type of programmers or the best type. It basically depends upon the client’s opinion. A project can be done using any type of programmers but for certain criteria, some clients prefer to stick to a certain category of PHP developers. Talk to the programmers and discuss your requirement and make sure you choose the most suitable type of programmer for your PHP development project

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