Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Expand Your E-Commerce Store- Use OsCommerce Customization

OsCommerce customization -
Entrepreneurs and merchants of this century opt for a smart way of doing business. E-commerce provides a wide platform for doing business online. One can manage their departmental stores much efficiently through e-commerce. It supports many technologies and programs that facilitate various outstanding features to run online stores by keeping keen observations over each and every activity and corners of the store.

Open source commerce or OsCommerce is a program for e-commerce management. It is an early platform for free and easy creation of e-commerce websites. OsCommerce development provides e-commerce solution and facilitates business men with free online shopping carts which help them in setting up, running, and maintaining online stores with minimum effort.

OsCommerce customization or custom module development provides small plug-ins which means small packets of codes and designs. This plug-ins is used to provide additional functions to the existing OsCommerce store. Various functions of such modules are like collecting order forms for customers, the addition of new shipping methods to the store, export functions for accounting and inventory needs, multiple vendors per product, offering gift vouchers, circulating discount coupons and many more. There are several possibilities of extending e-commerce business by use of OsCommerce solutions. It has emerged with endless functions.

In order to install various functionalities of OsCommerce customization in e-commerce stores, companies hire OsCommerce web developers from OsCommerce development companies. They render expertise and cost effective services to fulfill customers OsCommerce needs.

Following are few of the OsCommerce services rendered by them:
  • Development of OsCommerce web application
  • Migration of existing OsCommerce business to Magento
  • Designing of OsCommerce template
  • Operating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the osCommerce e-stores
  • Redesigning of existing e-commerce applications
  • Up gradation and maintenance of OsCommerce services
  • Theme development of OsCommerce web sites.
  • Operating content management system
  • Integrating e-commerce application development and customization.

So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or want to expand an already running online store then choose OsCommerce solutions for your online store. It covers all the features needed to create a successful online store with minimum effort and also at minimum cost. No license fees are required to start up with this program. It is also known as versatile software as it allows running on any PHP web server without following any restrictions or any other requirements on any PHP or MYSQL supportive environment. For more details refer to the Apeiront home page.

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