Monday, July 22, 2013

The Most Versatile Platforms For Website Development: PHP

The dictionary defines PHP as ‘a server-side programming language used for the delivery of dynamic web pages and services’. There are several programs for the application of web development. PHP is one of the most extensively popular platforms for developing web pages. With e-commerce playing increasingly significant role in any organization’s business growth and development, PHP development is ideally suited for the two basic web functions – consuming & creating web services. 

It is established quite strongly that PHP application spells ‘success’ in business growth as it is the finest and the most cost-effective  medium for web development. 

The importance of PHP has become evident from the fact that some of the organizations have their own  PHP based web-development teams whereas many other companies have resorted to acquire the services of the PHP service provider companies.

Typical PHP services

There are some features which are inherent with PHP development services:
  • Website development 
  • Website maintenance 
  • Website design services showcasing the product/services
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Animation design Presentations, banners, logos & information pages
  • Logo design
  • Banner design static, tower or animated banners

The different stages of PHP application development:
  • Interaction to determine objective   what are the expectations?
  • Crystallizing the technical part of the website structure  Information flow
  • Website design & builds development of graphics & layout
  • Website programming & builds Implementation of the software with web content management
  • Website release  technical release of the website
  • Ongoing site maintenance

Benefits of using the PHP platform for a website
  • PHP is an open source language – there is no procurement cost. So, it suits the budget.
  • PHP is cross-platform compatible.  It supports Linux, Windows, or Mac.
  • PHP is compatible with several database servers > oracle, MySQl,  AND Informix
  • As it is derived mostly from C++, PHP developer can easily comprehend & develop codes.
  • Animation programs such as Flash and Ajax can be easily integrated with PHP.
  • PHP can easily embed HTML codes.
  • Versatile to access ready-made frameworks & extensions for better creativity quick profile management, CMS, and back-end admin.
  • PHP has versatile database management functionality to deal with multiple databases at a particular time.
  • Secure & stable interface > No plug-in to run the program
  • Inbuilt memory option > no need for gathering external codes

Ideal for development of domains such as:
  • E-commerce
  • Social networking
  • CRM or CMS development
  • Web calendars
  • Accounting software
  • Payment gateways
PHP is a popular platform for a wide range of applications. PHP service providers provide more versatile and more complete packages if you want to know than click here on Apeiront Solutions.

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